Amanda was raised on a small family farm near Galesburg, Illinois, where they grew corn and soybeans and raised beef cattle. Amanda showed cattle and swine growing up and also ran a sweet corn business from her home. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Agronomy Management from Illinois State University and worked in ag retail before joining the PCS team. She now lives in Dubuque, Iowa, and specializes in researching and recommending PCS seed options based on individual customer goals.

Amanda responds to product inquiries and facilitates orders from the Cascade office, assists dealers in surrounding counties, and performs field support throughout the region.

"We focus on your profitability. If you let us know your needs and your budget, we'll use our cover crop calculator to help design the perfect blend."

What is Agronomy?

Agronomy looks at agriculture from an integrated, holistic perspective. Agronomists are specialists in crop and soil science, as well as ecology. Aspects they look at include:

  1. The properties and health of the soil
  2. What the growing crop needs, and how the soil interacts with it
  3. Which nutrients are missing in the soil
  4. How and when to regain these nutrients
  5. The ways in which crops grow and develop
  6. The climate and how other environmental factors affect the crop at all stages
  7. How best to control weeds, insects, fungi, and other crop pests
  8. How to grow crops effectively and profitably while conserving and protecting the environment