Angie is our newest member and we're excited to have added her and her skills to our team. She was born & raised and continues to live with her family in Monticello, Iowa; a small farming community near Prairie Creek Seed. Angie brings over 10 years of experience in office administration and education to PCS. Angie is a graduate of the University of Dubuque, holding a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After attaining her BS, Angie worked as a Testing and Tutoring Coordinator as well as an Academic Advisor for Kirkwood Community College. Angie then went to Upper Iowa University to complete her Master's degree in Education with an emphasis in Higher Education Student Affairs. Since graduating with her Masters, Angie has continued her career in administrative, educational and customer service roles. Angie has a giving spirit and a passion for helping others leading her to become involved with numerous volunteer organizations and continues to give what time she can to others. Angie's attention to detail and organizational skills are much needed and appreciated at PCS. Her primary duties will include processing orders, greeting customers and answering phone inquiries, as well as processing payments and handling other front office duties.


21995 Fillmore Road

Cascade, IA 52033

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