Kyle grew up in Iowa working closely with the family seed and livestock business. From a young age, Kyle has been immersed in the seed industry. He is passionate about plants and livestock and Prairie Creek Seed has allowed him to combine both. Kyle, along with his father Karl, co-founded Prairie Creek Seed in 2009, where he has maintained many different roles in the company. He continues to support farmers and ranchers in being successful and profitable stewards of the land.

"Our Niche - Innovative forage genetics and practices for more productivity, above and below ground"

Cover Crops

Prairie Creek Seed is proud to offer cover crop blends that will work for all classes of cover croppers, whether you are just getting started or are well seasoned. We offer premium individual species that will excel in many different environments. If you are looking for service along with seed, our team is second-to-none and would be happy to assist you. Call, text, or email anytime!

What are cover crops for? Soil functions best when it is covered, protected from overexposure to the environment by something growing on its surface. The first and most basic function of a cover crop is to reduce erosion, or the wholesale loss of soil to wind and runoff. Having cover crops in the soil also helps to collect solar energy, turning it into sugars and recycling soil nutrients for use by the next cash crop.

How can you fit cover crops into your rotation? The key element to remember is that the growing season is much longer than the span between last frost in the spring and first frost in the fall. Many tools are now avaiable to plant cover crops into cash crops before, during or after harvest. Use the resources available and your knowledge of what works on your land. Then, don't be afraid to seed outside the box! Give us a call, we'd love to visit with you about your ideas.